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“We deeply appreciate the respect & kindness you gave to Kate... when Clermont became her home.”


“A note of appreciation and grateful thanks, for the outstanding devotion, great nursing ability, amazing help, and deep concern...”


“...a happy place. There was laughter there, entertainment, and such gentleness and kindness shown to everyone...”


“Your care and devotion to her wellbeing made her last years safe and happy ones.”

Welcome to Clermont Aged Care    A Sydney Aged Care Facility

Clermont is a well established 55 bed aged Care Facility. Previously known as the Clermont Nursing Home, it has been owned and operated by the Gordon Family since 1960.

The Clermont estate came into being around the turn of the century, and occupied all the land now covered by Jennifer Street and Clermont Avenue. The property extended to North Road and down past Aeolus Avenue. It was built by a Mr. William Thompson who was a member of Parliament. It was the early meeting place of the local Masonic Lodge which is still known as Lodge Clermont.

The large area of land was subdivided in 1924 and produced the present Jennifer Street.

Clermont Aged Care has accomodation for 55 residents with 24 beds situated on the ground floor and 31 beds situated on the first floor.

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