After 60 years of providing to our local community we, as recognised by the Department of Health & Ageing as a ‘small quality Provider’, are closing our doors.

All our Clermont Family of Staff, Residents and Relatives have gone to new homes and new employment.

It is very sad but a combination of falling occupancy due to COVID-19 and a lack of financial viability due to changes in our funding regime by the Government four years ago have forced us to make this very difficult decision.

We were a very good home for the frail aged and always received the maximum three years Accreditation and had “A” ratings from the NSW Food Safety Authority for our Kitchen.

Our well educated and highly trained Work Colleagues, some of whom have worked at Clermont for over 30 years, have done an exceptional job in keeping us “COVID Free”.

This was a place of Family and Trust and where the Owners knew the Staff and the Residents and where ‘service’ was not just a word.

This was a place where we ‘worked in our Residents home, they did not live in our workplace’.

This was a place where if it was not good enough for our own family then it was not good enough for anyone else’s family and we continually strived for excellence.

It has been a privilege for my family to have been of service to our community.

Thank you and goodbye,
Steve Gordon

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