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Health Care at Clermont Aged Care    A Ryde Aged Care Facility

Medical Officer

Residents may have the doctor of their choice to provide medical care and are encouraged to retain their own Medical Practitioner. In the event of a resident’s own doctor being unable to care for him/her for any reason, a list of local doctors willing to visit the Home, will be supplied. The Nursing Home will not appoint a doctor to attend any resident.

Specialist appointments can be organised on referral from your Medical Practitioner.

In event of any emergency the Nursing Home reserves the right where the resident’s own doctor is unavailable to have another doctor attend as nominated by the resident or their Medical Practitioner.

Clermont will ensure that each resident is referred for appropriate health services when needed and that any recommended treatment is received by the resident, including provision of , or access to, appropriate aids and equipment.

  • Referral for health services
    Each resident’s health needs will be identified and in consultation with the resident we will refer him/her for appropriate health services as required. Referral to an allied health practitioner or alternative health practitioner may also be initiated by a resident.
  • Treatment
    If treatment is recommended, and agreed to by the resident, Clermont must ensure it is carried out. This may include provision of, or access to, appropriate aids and equipment as well as support and training in their use.


A dentist is available to provide dental care if necessary. Alternatively, residents may ask their own dentist to attend, provided she is willing to do so.


Visit on a regular basis for those who require this service.


Is available on request Tuesday to Friday from your doctor.


Attends weekly for haircuts, sets, perms, etc.

Ministers of Religion

Regular visits are made by Catholic and Anglican Ministers. Residents are free to have their own minister visit if desired. The Director of Nursing will be happy to discuss residents’ individual religious and cultural needs.

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“We deeply appreciate the respect & kindness you gave to Kate... when Clermont became her home.”


“A note of appreciation and grateful thanks, for the outstanding devotion, great nursing ability, amazing help, and deep concern...”


“...a happy place. There was laughter there, entertainment, and such gentleness and kindness shown to everyone...”


“Your care and devotion to her wellbeing made her last years safe and happy ones.”

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