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About Clermont Aged Care    A Ryde Aged Care Facility

Clermont is a well established 55 bed aged Care Facility, which has been owned and operated by the Gordon Family since 1960.

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Our basic Philosophy is as follows:-

  • To provide the highest standard of care and security to our patients within a framework of mutual co-operation with our Staff, Allied health professionals, Voluntary workers and the Statutory Bodies regulating the facility.
  • To maintain and uphold the dignity of the individual who warrants our highest respect.
  • To give Nursing Home care with compassion, love, encouragement and with consideration for the privacy and comfort of our residents, treating each one as an individual.
  • To maintain a high level of ethical responsibility in rendering service to our residents and to conduct the affairs of the facility with honesty and integrity.
  • To share our knowledge of the industry, including technology, management and education wherever possible in promoting quality care and service and providing same effectivity, efficiently and courteously.


The objectives of Clermont reflect the fact that we are part of the general community.


  • Given the available Health care resources to provide for each resident accommodation, Nursing Care and General Care which:-
    • Meets his/her needs as an individual
    • Is appropriate to his/her clinical condition
    • Maintains his/her maximum level of independence and well-being
  • To receive courteous, friendly and caring service at all times.
  • To create a happy, cheerful atmosphere.


  • To create and maintain a harmonious relationship with all other staff co-operating with them and visiting health care professionals in giving quality care to our residents.
  • To provide the best possible working conditions.
  • To provide the opportunity to develop skills and expertise and to advance in status as a professional within the health care field.
  • To provide training in on-going educational programs relevant to the industry and in personal development.
  • To be treated as an individual and not just a number.
  • To never ask you to do more than we promise our residents, an honest job, courtesy, professionalism and caring service.
  • To encourage involvement of relatives and staff in all activities.


  • To co-operate with all other staff in developing the facility to our residents’ and our mutual benefit.
  • To do a good days work for a good days pay.
  • To become familiar with our residents, our routines, our rules, our job, our procedures and our facility where applicable.


  • To provide support and assistance in maintaining a sense of family unity.

To create and maintain a harmonious relationship with residents relatives in ensuring a high standard of co-operation including co-operation with other members of the health care industry, for example, community services, physiotherapists, podiatrists, visiting medical officers, pastoral services and other allied health care professionals


The Clermont estate came into being around the turn of the century, and occupied all the land now covered by Jennifer Street and Clermont Avenue. The property extended to North Road and down past Aeolus Avenue. It was built by a Mr. William Thompson who was a member of Parliament. It was the early meeting place of the local Masonic Lodge which is still known as Lodge Clermont.

The large area of land was subdivided in 1924 and produced the present Jennifer Street.

It was last occupied as a residence in 1960 by Mr. William Maher and his family. Mr. Maher was the NSW Manager of Avis Rent a Car. It was purchased by the company D. Gordon Pty Limited in June 1960 and opened as an 8 bed Nursing Home in September 1960 with patients on the ground floor only and staff accommodation upstairs. In 1962 Clermont was licensed as a Private Hospital with 20 beds but the demand for geriatric nursing care caused the hospital to be re-licensed as Nursing Home. Further extensions to the building brought the total bed capacity to 41 in 1963. There were also extensions made to the Matron’s residence in the grounds to give it a total of 3 bedrooms.

Very extensive additions in 1971 added a new private wing and brought total bed capacity to 50.

Further renovations during 1995/96 saw the addition of many new facilities including a lift and the addition of five extra beds.

The Directors of the Nursing Home since 1960 have been the members of the Gordon family.

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“We deeply appreciate the respect & kindness you gave to Kate... when Clermont became her home.”


“A note of appreciation and grateful thanks, for the outstanding devotion, great nursing ability, amazing help, and deep concern...”


“...a happy place. There was laughter there, entertainment, and such gentleness and kindness shown to everyone...”


“Your care and devotion to her wellbeing made her last years safe and happy ones.”


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